Horse hoof hybrid sheet specimen

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Product Description

horse hoof anatomy and pathology

Real horse hoof section – Outlet Plastinate: Fascinating insights into the anatomy and pathology an incredible price. Real anatomical sclice embedded in polyester resin and covered with a layer of 10mm acrylic on one side.

Find detailed information about plastination outlet offers in the blog articles.

Thickness of the plastinates is appr. 1,5 cm. Check the cm-ruler in the picture to estimate the complete size of the plastinate.

The sheet plastinate has a signature “vHorst” or “Dr. v. Horst” engraved.
For more information about plastination and real anatomical specimens contact me by e-Mail or phone. You can also find more information about plastination and anatomical preparation in the Blog or at

Dr. Christoph von Horst