Ostrich head eye size morphology

Ostrich eye anatomy size specimen

Ostrich head specimen. The plastination specimen shows the huge size of the ostrich eye in relation to the complete head and many other interesting details of the ostrich and bird anatomy like the pecten oculi, sinus infraorbitalis, trachea diameter, etc. Find this specimen offered in the plastination shop.

European Association of Veterinary Anatomists congress

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European Association of Veterinary Anatomists (EAVA) congress in Vienna started today: It is such a pity that I cannot attend. At least I can offer a 25% discount for all items in the www.plastination-shop.com and for all available regular specimens. Please use the code “EAVA2016” (valid until 31.7.2016)

Fish anatomy sheet plastination specimen with heart and brain position

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Sectional anatomy of fish with heart and brain position

Fish anatomy specimen. The veterinary anatomical sheet plastination specimen shows relevant anatomical details of the morphology and topography of fish like heart, brain, air bladder, spinal cord, finns, etc. From a animal welfare point of view the position of the fish heart and brain are particularly relevant. Only exact knowlegde of the position of these two fish organs makes sure that fish do not suffer more than necessary during slaughtering. Observing the normal size of the air bladder also makes clear how moving fish from deep water to the surface can cause the typical signs of barotrauma: bulging eyes and bloated abdominal area. Most important the real fish anatomy specimen allows understanding how complex and fascinating even a small fish is inside. This results in more respect for fish and any living organism. You can buy this print at the plastination shop. Also find many real anatomical outlet plastinates and prints at www.plastination-shop.com

Gestating rat anatomy with uterus

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rat gestation anatomy plastination

Sectional anatomy of a gestating female rat with fetusus visible in the uterus. Rat and rodent organ anatomy: liver, lung, heart, intestines. Vena cava cranialis and caudalis (compare Vena cava superior and inferior in humans) all the way to the vena jugularis, etc. Available in the shop.

Outlet offer information

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Bovine foot anatomy plastination

What is a Research Outlet Plastinate?

Many plastinates are being prepared with a scientific focus on investigating and documenting anatomical structures. If the goal is a specific anatomical detail, such a project might result in a number of specimens all visualising the requested detail in a perfect way but taking minor care of other critera like the surface and egdes of the specimen, allowing slightly more gas and debris inclusions and maybe even grinding artefacts in areas that are not in the focus of the investigation. After the documentation of the visible details these plastinate are kept in stock and can be offered as outlet plastinates.


What can I expect from an outlet offer?

All offers fulfill the good standards of plastination and anatomical preparation and allow investigation of anatomical details. I recommend taking a close look at the description image. If present in the specimen, you will be able to recognise any major gas or debris inclusions, preparation artefacts, etc. Also take a look at the outside shape and surface of the specimen. In the text you will find information about the approximate thickness.

Can I return outlet offers?

Yes, you can return outlet items within 1 month (only download files are excluded). Please inform me within 1 month after you will have received the plastinate. As soon as I receive the returned item you will get a full money refund including the shipping charged in the shop. You only have to pay the cost for the return postage. I recommend insured registered mail for returning items.

Bovine foot example:

This example of a cow foot sheet plastinate will show you a typical outlet offer:

On first sight you see a normal bovine claw section. The type of prepation is a TTT-sheet plastinate “sheet” without acrylic, cut in square shape. Taking a closer look you find on the one hand that there is an excellent visualisation of vascularisation patterns, tendons, cartilage, horn structures, hair, etc. On the other hand you can find that the navicular bone is partially missing and the upper growing region of the claw horn wall is also not properly visible. Furthermore there are quite significant micro-cracks in the bone corticalis. The net price of this outlet offer is 42,- EUR instead of 159,- EUR for a regular plastinate. Obviously this specimen would not be well suitable for explaining all relevant anatomical details in a perfect way as this would be done in a university anatomy class. Still, this plastinate provides an excellent insight and show the general complexity of the cow claw plus a large number of fascinating and relevant details like the P3 microsvascularisation, tendon and cartilage details, etc.

Bovine foot anatomy plastination

Bovine foot anatomy plastination

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